How it works

If you're interested in working with me, please shoot me an email:
It helps to get the ball rolling if you give me a short description of what you're after (style, location, timing). Sending through some inspiration images also helps. I'll get back to you as soon as I can which is usually pretty fast.  I'll be happy to answer questions you might have.


I shoot from a range of locations, so there are a few options:

1:  Most of my and boudoir work is shot in natural light filled hotel rooms. Clean, bright spaces like this work best for my style of photography. This will need to be organized on your end. I can definitely guide you with which locations work best.

2:  Alternatively if you have a space filled with with natural light, namely a house or apartment where you feel comfortable, I'll be more than happy to shoot there.

Hair and Makeup

My price is exclusive of hair and makeup. I regularly work with some very talented hair and makeup artists, so just let me know if you'd like to organize someone to come onsite.

Preparing for your shoot

- Forget the fake tan! Fresh fake often doesn't look great in photos. Your skin is beautiful the way it is and any imperfections can be fixed in photoshop.

- In the hour prior to shooting please refrain from wearing any tight clothes, jeans especially will leave visible lines on the skin.

- Get a good night's sleep prior to shooting. 6-8 hours is ideal.

- Please be on time. I really want to avoid having to rush your shoot!

- Go shopping! Use your shoot as an excuse to give your lingerie collection an overhaul.

- Get some inspiration and ideas. Have a flick through Google images or on Pinterest and look at some photos that you like. Also have a look through my Instagram or Twitter to see my latest work and get some inspiration there.

- Most importantly, relax, it's completely normal to be nervous before your shoot but don't worry, you'll be in good hands. I'm well practised in making sure you feel totally comfortable on the day.


My turnaround time to get the edited images back to you is within 2-4 weeks from when you select your images.

I hold your images for 3 months before deleting the unselected files so please make your image selections as soon as possible.